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Packaging Services

AAV Packaging service

AAV Packaging

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) has been a popular viral vector for gene therapy due to its versatile tropism, its non-pathogenicity and low immunogenicity, as well as its ability to transduce dividing and non-dividing cells

Adenovirus packaging service

Adenovirus Packaging

Adenovirus has been a popular viral vector due to its high packaging capacity, high levels of short-term transgene expression, high viral titer, high transduction efficiency, and the inability to integrate into the cell genome

Lentivirus packaging service

Lentivirus Packaging

Wildly used in gene therapy applications such as CAR-T therapy, lentivirus is one of the most efficient methods for gene delivery due to its large packaging capacity and its ability to infect non-dividing cells and integrate into the host genome


GMP upstream facilities

Our versatile upstream facilities allow plasmid fermentation and cell culture of various grades and scales tailored to your needs. 

GMP downstream facilities

Our innovative downstream facilities improve time and cost efficiency of the purification process. 

GMP facilities

Our comprehensive, high-quality facilities fully comply with regulations and ensure product quality. 

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