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About Us

The world-class Gene Therapy CDMO Partner From Concept to Commercialization

Located on the beautiful campus of UBC Vancouver, Canada, uBriGene Biosciences Inc. is dedicated to providing one-stop viral vector-based CDMO services for research and clinical applications.
uBriGene has established the integrated innovative biologics CDMO platforms that provide GMP-level plasmid preparation, viral packaging, and T cell production services for large-scale CAR-T productions.  In addition, we provide viral vectors, including adenoviral and lentiviral vectors to meet the demands of research and/or manufacturing applications.  We are committed to driving innovation and accelerating biologics development from target to market. 
With its fermentation capacity ranging from 5L to 500L, uBriGene offers a versatile selection of research grade, GMP-ready or GMP grade plasmids for research and clinical applications respectively. Our two-step purification technology allows for a fast and cost-effective cell harvesting process.
uBriGene currently operates two state-of-the-art GMP facilities, including 21 clean suites with a total area of over 133,000 sq ft, and has produced 65 batches of GMP plasmids as of 2021.  

Since its founding, uBriGene has been providing one-stop service to fulfill comprehensive objectives of our clients, including some of the most cutting-edge leaders of the cell and gene therapy industry. We ensure the highest quality of products and services while striving to optimize time and costs.

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