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Viral Vector Services

Considering the numerous limitations of plasmids when introducing them into cells, more potent and efficient viral vectors have now gained widespread use. Viral vectors, as another important gene delivery tool apart from plasmids, offer distinct advantages. On one hand, modified viral vectors exhibit enhanced safety. On the other hand, viral vectors possess greater infection efficiency and specificity compared to plasmids, making them more suitable for the transfection and expression of foreign genes in challenging, hard-to-transfect cells.

Currently, the commonly used viral vectors in gene research and gene therapy are primarily adeno-associated viruses (AAV), lentiviruses, and adenoviruses. Lentiviruses have a broad host range and possess integration capabilities, enabling long-term stable expression of the target gene, making them suitable for establishing stable cell lines. Adenovirus vectors are relatively easy to produce, yielding high titers of the virus, which in turn results in a high infection efficiency due to their high gene-carrying capacity. Adeno-associated viruses, due to their exceptionally high titers and safety, have emerged as the star vectors in gene therapy research.

uBriGene can provide packaging services for both small-scale, research grade and large-scale, clinical grade GMP lentiviruses, adenoviruses, and various serotypes of adeno-associated viruses. Furthermore, we offer stable cell line construction services based on viral packaging technology. With our own patented helper plasmids and high-quality AAV viral vectors, we stand out among viral packaging services in the industry. Supplementary services, such as AAV CRISPR and AAV vector QC test upon request, further advance our products and services.

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