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Plasmid Products Highlights

uBriGene has well-established plasmid libraries, including human ORF cDNA clone library, human microRNA clone library, human shRNA clone library, human gRNA pool clone library, and mouse gRNA pool clone library. We feature a large quantity and a  wide variety of high-quality products with short delivery time. Our ready-for-use GMP Plasmids have the following advantages:

  • GMP grade plasmids can be modified to satisfy customized applications 

  • Stable and traceable supply

  • DMF registration number available, which can be directly used  for IND application

  • Great time and production costs reduction; experienced for multiple orders of lentivirus and CAR-T cell therapy 

  • Independent intellectual property rights    

  • Why is a three-tiered cell bank required?
    According to regulations, a complete culture cell bank must be established before GMP-grade plasmid production, including the primary cell bank, the master cell bank and the working cell bank.
  • What is the storage temperature for plasmids? How long can they be stored?
    According to BriGene’s many years of GMP plasmid production experience, the storage temperature of plasmids is -20°C, and the long-term storage stability data can be traced back for more than half a year.
  • Which strain is used to produce plasmids?
    uBriGene uses DH5α or Stbl3 for plasmid production, depending on the customer's choice.
  • Why are plasmids modified for kanamycin resistance?
    Regulations require that the vectors used in gene therapy drugs must not introduce resistance to penicillin.

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