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Here at uBriGene, our versatile upstream facilities allow plasmid fermentation and cell culture of various grades and scales tailored to your needs. We have extensive experience constructing, maintaining and monitoring primary, master and working cell banks that are readily available to accelerate your project. Experts with innovation experience from our upstream team can optimize the developing and manufacturing techniques to improve quality and productivity. Our entire production process involves a single-use and closed system carried out in a Grade A+ Grade C environment, ensuring safety and quality of products.


Plasmid Production

We offer plasmid fermentation scales ranging from 5L to 200L (mg-20g) and various grades ranging from research-grade, GMP-ready, to GMP (commercial) grade. We also offer both DH5α or stbl3 strains to be used for plasmid production, depending on the customer's choice. Our fermentation plasmid yield is over 1g/L.


AAV Production

We offer cell culture scales ranging from 2L to 2000L and the choice between adherent and suspension cell culture. The entire cell culture process is animal serum free, antibiotic-free, and utilizes plant-based media. We also use our self-innovated suspension 293XS call bank with a cell density of up to 10⁷ cells/ml.


LVV Production

Our own innovative, traceable 293TY cell bank allows adherent or suspension culture. All sera required for cell culture are tested for viral vectors. The cell banks are assay-validated, traceable, and readily available to quickly accelerate your project development. Stability studies conducted over 60 passages show that our cell banks are highly stable. Our own patented cryopreservation formula significantly improves cell viability; the viral titer does not decrease after 5 or 10 freeze-thaw cycles, when kept for five days at 4°C, or when kept for six months at -80°C.

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