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Plasmid Services

In genetic engineering, artificially constructed plasmids are often used as vectors to transport foreign DNA molecules into recipient cells. Plasmids serve as a common and simple delivery tool, possessing characteristics such as autonomous replication, amplifiability, transferability, and incompatibility. Apart from their widespread application in the field of scientific research, plasmids are also extensively employed in the development and production stages of various biopharmaceutical products, including recombinant protein drugs, vaccines, gene therapy drugs, and CAR-T therapies.


With over a decade of plasmid production and development experience, uBriGene leads the industry in providing high-quality plasmid preparation services tailored to meet the needs of our customers.

Service features

  1. Abundant target gene templates are available to save DNA molecule synthesis time.

  2. A wide range of vector options for constructing target genes into various cloning and expression vectors.

  3. Flexible production scale, offering plasmids in quantities ranging from micrograms to grams.

  4. Stringent quality control to ensure batch-to-batch consistency.

  5. Endotoxin removal available upon customer request to meet various plasmid production needs for both research and industrial purposes.

In-Stock Plasmid
Plasmid Construction
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