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In-Stock AAV

uBriGene can provide you with a wide range of control AAVs and tool AAVs, including fluorescent protein AAVs, including GFP, RFP, mCherry, CRE recombinase AAVs. Disease modeling tool AAVs include AAV-Pcsk9 (atherosclerosis modeling) and AAV-SNCA (Parkinson's modeling). Commonly used neuroscience research tool AAVs include optogenetics, chemogenetics, calcium indicators, neurotransmitter fluorescence probes, and more. Our AAV offerings encompass numerous AAV serotypes, a wide range of options, and tissue-specific promoters for various combinations. Coupled with various gene expression methods, these options meet your diverse experimental needs. 

Commonly Used AAVs
Product Category
Fluorescent proteins
AAV-GFP, AAV-RFP, AAV-mCherry, AAV-tdTomato
To label cells or as negative control
Disease Modeling Tools
Convenient disease modelling; simple and safe operation
Used in combination with loxP cells or animals
Neuroscience research tool
Optogenetics, chemogenetics, calcium indicators, neurotransmitter probes
Used for physiological manipulation, neural circuitry, and other research
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