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uBriGene's Educational Webinar Series on ATMPs Development and Manufacturing

Embark on a journey from ATMPs concept to commercialization with uBriGene's groundbreaking webinar series. As leaders in the development and cGMP manufacturing of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs), we are proud to unveil an educational initiative aimed at demystifying the complexities of this dynamic field.

At uBriGene, we serve as the bridge from ATMPs concept to commercialization. With four Centers of Manufacturing Excellence specializing in cell therapy (CAR-T, CAR-NK, iPSC, MSC), plasmids, viral vectors (AAV, lentiviral vectors, retroviral vectors, adenovirus), and mRNA, we are dedicated to advancing the frontiers of regenerative medicine.

Join us as we exclusively design the comprehensive webinar series covering the fundamentals of advanced therapy development and manufacturing. Whether you're a seasoned industry professional or new to the field, our webinars will provide invaluable insights and practical knowledge to support your journey in ATMPs.

A glimpse of topics you can expect:

  • Introduction to Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs)

  • Basics of cGMP Manufacturing for ATMPs

  • Cell Therapy Manufacturing: CAR-T, CAR-NK, iPSC, MSC

  • Plasmid Production: Techniques and Considerations

  • Viral Vector Manufacturing: AAV, Lentiviral Vectors, Retroviral Vectors, Adenovirus

  • mRNA Production: Process Optimization and Quality Assurance

Don't miss this unique opportunity to expand your understanding of ATMPs and gain insights from industry experts. Stay tuned for webinar dates and registration details!

Contact Us | uBriGene right now to speak with our Cell and Gene Therapy professionals to learn how uBriGene's extensive service portfolio can help to accelerate your project. 

Join us and be part of the future of ATMPs with uBriGene via our website Your bridge from ATMPs concept to commercialization | uBriGene!

Stay connected with uBriGene on LinkedIn as we pave the way for innovation in advanced therapy development and manufacturing!

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