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New Service Launch - Cell Therapy Potency Analytical Development and GMP Testing

Updated: Mar 15

We at uBriGene Biosciences are excited to launch the new Cell Therapy Potency Analytical Development and GMP Testing service at the Hanson Wade Cell Therapy Potency Assay Summit next week from March 19th through 21st 2024 in Boston.


We can customize the assay for any tumor associated antigen (TAA) on many tumor types using the Potency Assay Platform that uBriGene team has developed.  We also have the GMP assay qualification and validation expertise to meet the rigorous GMP assay criteria. 


A team of scientific and technical staff will be at the Summit next week to answer any questions that you may have.  Please visit us at Booth #7 to discuss and to receive your uBriGene Notebook. 


See you at the Summit next week.

uBriGene Tech Support Team

1 800 663 2528

uBriGene Cell Therapy Potency Assay Platform Leaflet
Download PDF • 6.02MB

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