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Join uBriGene’s Educational Live Webinars on ATMPs

Live Webinars on the Development and cGMP manufacturing of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products 

uBriGene is your bridge from ATMPs concept to commercialization. We have 4 Centers of Manufacturing Excellence: cell therapy (CAR-T, CAR-NK, iPSC, MSC), plasmids, viral vectors (AAV, lentiviral vectors, retroviral vectors, adenovirus), and mRNA.

We are pleased to sponsor an educational series on the basics of advanced therapy development and manufacturing.

CAR-T Therapy 101

April Webinar: “CAR-T 101”, the basics of CAR-T therapies, from concepts to GMP manufacturing.

In the first presentation, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of CAR-T therapies, including: 

  • The general requirements for the development of CAR-T therapies 

  • General approaches to gene modification of T-cells 

  • High level discussion of GMP manufacturing workflows 

  • Regulatory considerations for clinical application of these therapies  


Date: April 12th, Friday 

Time: 12:00pm, Eastern Standard Time  

Presenter: Kenneth Warrington, Ph.D. 

Kenneth Warrington, Ph.D.
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