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mRNA-LNP Platform

uBriGene harnesses a distinctive mRNA/LNP platform that integrates proprietary high-efficiency mRNA in vitro transcription (IVT) with advanced microfluidic technology. This synergy enables the encapsulation of mRNA in lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) at exceptionally high yield and purity. Our innovative processes consistently achieve encapsulation efficiency surpassing 90%. By leveraging cutting-edge microfluidic technology, uBriGene adeptly overcomes the fundamental challenges of mRNA therapy development.

Production Workflow

uBriGene’s streamlined process for mRNA synthesis and LNP encapsulation is at the forefront of mRNA therapeutic development. Our process (Figure 1) ensures that each phase is optimized for efficiency and effectiveness:


uBriGene leads in mRNA synthesis and LNP encapsulation with a meticulously optimized process. We select optimal promoters and transcription factors to ensure high mRNA yield and fidelity, focusing on 5’ UTR, 3’ UTR, and a stable polyA tail (100-120 bp). Our proprietary enzymes and precise IVT conditions maintain exceptional mRNA fidelity. Advanced purification techniques post-synthesis yield highly pure mRNA.


Using microfluidic technology, we precisely encapsulate mRNA into LNPs, controlling size, composition, and morphology to maximize encapsulation efficiency for optimal delivery. Rigorous testing of each LNP batch confirms uniformity and efficiency, underscoring uBriGene's leadership in advancing mRNA therapeutics through cutting-edge technology and rigorous quality control.

Production Technique Highlights

Optimized IVT processes
  • high mRNA:DNA mass ratio of 200:1

  • Enhance efficacy of mRNA synthesis for the production of mRNA therapeutics

High mRNA Concentrations
  • mRNA concentrations up to 10 μg/μL

  • Meet high yield requirements

  • Optimize therapeutic delivery

Rigorous Purification for Purity
  • Ensure the final product purity

  • Meet stringent quality standards

  • Minimize impurities that could affect safety and efficacy

Scalable Production
  • Ensure seamless transition from development to commercial
    scale production

  • Ensure consistent supply of mRNA therapeutics for clinical use

Microfluidics Technology

​uBriGene leverage cutting-edge microfluidics technology to overcome the core challenges of mRNA therapy development:

  • Stabilized mRNA: uBriGene's microfluidic technology enables LNPs to encapsulate and protect mRNA from nuclease degradation, ensuring stability.

  • Targeted Delivery Systems: LNPs are engineered to deliver mRNA payloads directly into the cytoplasm, enhancing the efficiency of the translational process.

  • Endosomal Release: LNPs are designed to facilitate the escape of mRNA from endosomes, crucial for its functionality.

  • Reduced Immunogenicity: Our mRNA constructs are optimized to minimize immune response, enhancing safety and efficacy in therapeutic applications.

Quality Control and Assurance

uBriGene introduces a robust, data-centric approach to quality control. Our QC framework evaluates encapsulation efficiency and nucleic acid integrity, adhering closely to stringent regulatory standards. These metrics serve not only as measures of accuracy but also underscore our dedication to ensuring consistent and scalable production of mRNA therapeutics.

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