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With the rapid development of the biopharmaceutical industry, an increasing number of biological products are used to serve human health. Recombinant protein vaccines, Vero cell vaccines, and other cell and gene therapy medicine have entered the field of treatment and their demands are growing rapidly. Unlike traditional orally administrated drugs, most of these biological products are directly administrated the human body via injection and require long-term dosing. Therefore, they require higher quality standards and stricter quality control. Nucleic acid residue is considered an important aspect of biological product safety regulation due to its potential infectious and tumorigenic risks. The production process of biological products must include steps to remove nucleic acid residue to ensure that the nucleic residues in biological products meet the requirements of relevant regulations. This is also critical to product safety and efficacy. 

Ubrinuclease originated from Serratia marcescens and is obtained through gene recombination techniques, expression and purification in E. coli. This non-specific endonuclease can degrade DNA and RNA in any form (single stranded, double stranded, double helix, linear and circular) with high specificity under a wide range of conditions. It can completely digest nucleic acids into 2-5 bases of 5’ monophosphate oligonucleotides. 

Item No.
Product Name
Turnaround Time
Omnipotent Nuclease
2-3 days

Application of Ubrinuclease

1. Removal of host residual nucleic acid in vaccine and pharmaceutical industry to reduce the risk of nucleic acid residue and improve product safety. 

2. Used with lysis buffer for the removal of nucleic acid in crude extracts during protein extraction to reduce solution viscosity and increase protein yield. 

3. Effectively remove effects from negatively charged nucleic acids to improve protein separation and enhance 2-DE resolution in bidirectional SDS-PAGE protein samples. 

4. Removal of exogenous nucleic acids in biological products 

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