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CAR-T Therapy 101

April 2024 Webinar: “CAR-T 101”, the basics of CAR-T therapies, from concepts to GMP manufacturing.

CAR-T Therapy 101

The goal of this webinar is to: 

Understand the basics of Lentivirus (LV): definition and characteristics of LV, and their mechanism of action in gene-modified cell therapies.

Explore current manufacturing approaches for LV: an overview of existing platforms and technologies, as well as key considerations in LV production scalability and efficiency.

Discuss strategies to accelerate LV deployment in cell therapy: the importance of early identification of critical raw materials, and criteria for selecting a proven manufacturing platform, also impact on time-to-market and therapeutic accessibility

Date: April 13th, Friday 


Time: 12:00pm, Eastern Standard Time  


Presenter: Dr. Kenneth Warrington 

Kenneth Warrington, Ph.D.
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