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Upstream Process Development scientist /associate

Germantown, MD, USA

Job Type

Full Time



About the Role

We are looking for an experienced RA/Scientist whose work will focus on upstream process development at our Process Development Department. The incumbent is expected to possess comprehensive, hands-on experiences with cell culture, small scale bioreactors and fermenters. Experience with molecular and cellular analysis is also highly desired.

Job Description

  • Design and execution upstream experiments across various volumes

  • Identify and optimize process parameters to support and control the growth of a mammalian or microbial cell line in a production bioreactor

  • Develop and evaluate novel media compositions, supplementation, and feeding strategies to optimize our development process

  • Maintain bench-scale bioreactors and prepare media, buffers, and chemical solutions

  • Product sampling and chemical/microbiological analysis

  • Bioreactor and laboratory material cleaning and sterilization

  • Analyze, interpret, and present results to project teams, and write technical reports.

  • Help and participate in manufacturing processes

  • Support the scale-up of upstream/downstream processes and technology transfer to the cGMP manufacturing and quality control (QC) groups for clinical material production/analysis.

  • Maintain domain expertise in new technologies and scientific literature.


  • B.S. with 3+ years, M.S. with 1+ years of relevant experience in industry, or PhD in Chemical Engineering/Biological engineering/Cell Biology/Biochemistry/Biology or related scientific subject areas with 0-2 years of proven experience.

  • Experience with aspects of process development such as scale up, upstream and downstream processes.

  • Ability to design, organize and execute complex experiments

  • Ability to work independently while being a team player

  • Able to prepare and make comprehensive presentations

  • Exposure to industrial cell culture process development

  • Hands on experience with small-scale bioreactor set-up and operations, along with flasks.

  • Proficient laboratory skills, including quantitative sample transfer, consistent and reproducible media preparation and familiarity with measurement of pH and conductivity.

  • Experience with writing technical documents such as tech transfer documents, SOPs, and progress reports.

About the Company

uBriGene Biosciences is your bridge from ATMPs concept to commercialization. Our CDMO+ services include cell therapy products (CAR-T, TCR-T, NK Cells, iPSC, Dendritic cells, Macrophages), viral vectors (AAV, LVV, RVV, AdV, oncolytic viruses), plasmids, and RNA (mRNA, circRNA, acRNA).

Our extensive experience in manufacturing, QC testing, and regulatory filing support of ATMPs, from early discovery to commercialization, will accelerate your therapeutic programs from bench to bedside.

With four Centers of Excellence in North America, and Asia Pacific and more than 20 GMP clean room suites, uBriGene supports global CGT, vaccine, and RNA product development.

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