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CDMO Services

uBriGene offers one-stop CDMO services ranging from GMP-grade to commercial grade. 
We have well-established platforms in plasmid preparation, viral packaging, cell culture media preparation, cell bank production, CAR-T, CAR-NK, and stem cell production, as well as biotechnology innovation. Each platform undergoes biochemical, microbiological, and chemical quality control, has their independent ventilation systems, and is conducted in isolation, achieving high quality products with no risk of cross-contamination. 

GMP Plasmid Production

uBriGene focuses on developing mass-production techniques for clinical-grade GMP plasmids. We offer a platform of integrated production techniques and quality control systems to provide you with GMP plasmids from milligram to gram.


As a pioneer in lentiviral production, uBriGene has rich experience in Lentiviral production and a flexible collection of manufacturing technologies. 

GMP IPSC Production

uBriGene’s stem cell single-use production process involves a dedicated suite per patient per lot, which avoids the possibility of cross-contamination. Our stem cell preparation platform is capable of large-scale production and quality control of stem cells from multiple tissue sources, including mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). 


uBriGene's independently developed technology platform for large-scale industrial production has successfully prepared multiple batches of GMP AAV 200L with serum-free suspension.

Cell Bank

BriGene establishes primary cell bank (PCB), the main cell bank (MCB) and the working cell bank (WCB)  for plasmid production, and the inspection of the prokaryotic cell bank is completed in accordance with industry standard. Our GMP plant is equipped with dedicated suites for prokaryotic cell bank construction and storage, which enable us to build a three-tiered prokaryotic cell bank that meets regulatory requirements for our clients.


Adenovirus has been a popular viral vector for gene therapy and vaccination due to its high packaging capacity, high levels of short-term transgene expression, high viral titer, high transduction efficiency, and the inability to integrate into the cell genome. uBriGene offers Adenovirus packaging service with multiple serotypes, with customizable scales and grades.

CART-T Cell Manufacturing

In its early years, uBriGene has accumulated rich experience in the field of CAR-T cell therapy with nearly 100 CAR-T preparation projects. CAR-T cells are prepared in Grade A fully closed isolator systems.

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