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AAV Products Highlights

uBriGene has been striving for excellence in the field of plasmid and AAV production for years. With a professional technical team, solid theoretical foundation, and extensive production experience, we have high-quality off-the-shelf AAV products including genes for fluorescent proteins, optogenetics, chemical genetics, calcium indicators, neurotransmitter fluorescent probes, Cre & Flp recombinase, as well as autophagy and Pcsk9 atherosclerosis modeling tools. We offer more than 10 AAV serotypes, more than 40 promoters (broad-spectrum & tissue-specific), as well as constitutive & inducible expression methods to meet different experimental needs.


uBriGene is one of the few CDMO companies experienced in the industrialized production of AAV. We have independently developed AAV-packaging cells, notably the self-innovated, patented 293XS suspension culture cell line.

As the most critical raw materials for AAV production, large-scale production of plasmids is crucial. The whole process of uBriGene plasmid production and fermentation is serum, animal-ingredients, and antibiotics free. The purification steps adopt an innovative and efficient two-step column chromatography process, and plasmid yield can reach 1g/L. We also provide an AAV purification platform for multiple serotypes, with high yield and low empty shell rate, and can be linearly scaled up to 200-500L.

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